Foundry „Petar Dimitrov“ is a craft with long lasting manufacturing tradition. It was founded by Petar Dimitrov 04.11.1977. In 01.02.1995. Željko Perkušić buys it and becomes the owner of the foundry. To continue the family tradition, during 2013 his daughter Marija Perkušić entered the partnership, and in 2016 his son Goran Perkušić as well. In 01.01.2016 the craft changed its name to Jezgraonica Perkušić.

About us

In the last twenty years, foundry cast exclusively non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, bronze) and exclusively use chill and sand casting. Over time, the business expanded, so today with foundry, there is also a workshop for processing castings.

All products are made from high quality alloy.

Since 2014. we launched a new production program of making cores with cold-box method for commercial production.

Cold-box core is a mass of sand, resin and amin, placed within a mold box to create a hollow cavity for shaping castings. The process does not require firing or baking. Cold-box cores are preferred in foundries with gray cast iron.


Aluminum nozzles are completing process for plants (casting, processing and assembly) for hydroseparation in quarrys, gravel pits, ect.

Recognizability of our company is reflected in the program of municipal equipment, which consists of:

  • Production of park benches,
  • Production of garden tables,
  • Production of waste bins,
  • Production of wooden flower jardinières,
  • Production of aluminium and bronze poles for protection of pedestrians, parks and green spaces.