We are the first and only foundry in Croatia and also in the region, with complete line for commercial production of cores with cold-box method.


Cold-box core-making procedure

  • The cold-box core mixture is regularly prepared from sand and resin additives.
  • We make cores of different dimensions and, if necessary, coat them (alcohol coat)

Advantages of the cold-box core-making process

  • The cores are coated and ready for casting
  • Core-making development together with client
  • Possibility of making smaller and bigger core series
  • Great flexibility over our customers (deadlines, quality)
  • We provide returnable wrapping material (europallets, sponges, cardboards)
  • Reduction of waste sand in foundries

Type of cold-box machine Euromac SPF 30

  • Base plate dimensions 700×800 mm
  • Horizontal and vertical division
  • Core production to 55 kg